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Barcelona new Prince – the 19 year old Munir El-Haddadi

Munir El-Haddadi became a new star due to his performance and audacity

Looks like Neymar, but Messi is his idol. Born in Madrid, but he is the new star of the Whites main antagonist Barcelona. Recently, 19-year-old Munir El-Haddadi has played in Spain U-21 national team, but such countries as Morocco and Qatar do not stop hunting for talent. Do you want to know about La massia new jewel? Then you arrived at the right address.

“I am happy to be invited to Spain U-21 national team. I must not be complacent, “- such was the reaction of the promising striker to join the Seleccion flags.

Work, persistance, humility, modesty – these are just some of the adjectives describing Munir as a professional football player. Madrid El Escorial was the blue-eyed youngster’s first club.

Some biography and first steps in career

In Arabic, his name means “the one who brings light”. His appearance in first team at home match against Elche in Primera first round was a breath of fresh air. Seems like it was not only for Barcelona fans, but also for his family that moved to Spain in search of a better future, like many other immigrants. His Moroccan father arrived in Spain at the age of 18. The first shelter was Andalusian city of Algeciras, and only then was Madrid, where Munir’s father built his family at last.

Munir El-Haddadi made his first steps in the Spanish capital in “Madrid Arabic district” Galapagar, also called as “small Morocco”. Spanish is rarely heard in this area, Arabic is in favor. His family lives there till now, watching the dream development – their son’s attempt to go the way of his idol Lionel Messi.

Large Madrid club “missed” the talent that was under their noses. Atletico scouts considered the guy unpromising, and Real Madrid did not pay attention to Munir at all. It is said in Barcelona camp, some of the Galaktikos selectionists lost their jobs ​after that event.

Munir El Haddadi packed his bags and went into one of the most high-quality schools of players training – Barcelona La massia in 2011.

«Munir has tremendous speed – he looks like train out of control, giving the diversity to our game. The gates are his aim, he is mobile and competitive, Munir will help us”, – Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique knows he’s got the diamond in his hands. “But do not rush with expectations materialization from this player. He is still a long way to go.”

Prince of Barca

Munir is already betitled as “Prince”, because he has already earned the team seniors respect (Neymar, Messi and other “blaugranas” leaders). He also has got fans love, they follow up his life actively.

He makes selfie, dresses stylishly: always wearing a cap and “baggy” trousers, his T-shirts show bright picture. Munir is interested in break dance. He has an affection towards his family: his first goal in Primera scored in Elche gates our hero devoted to his family. Since he knows, this achievement would not have been true without them. Morocco and Qatar will fight for him now. Qatar particularly, wishing to strengthen its team just before home World Cup (in 2022 – author’s note)…

But this clash will happen later, and now Munir thinks of Barcelona and the Spanish U-21 national team…

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