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Henrikh Mkhitaryan impressed the British with his language skills

Henrikh Mkhitaryan left all journalists speechless at his intelligence

Mkhitaryan, being the best player of last season in the Bundesliga, didn’t manage to reveal himself in at full scale in England. He has just started showing quite a good football only in recent games.

However, he has already shocked the UK journalists with his language skills.

Henrikh often gives interviews, and does it quite confidently, showing himself a very intelligent person. There were many surprised the Armenian can speak good English. Some journalists claimed Mkhitaryan speaks better than Wayne Rooney.

However, a real surprise for everybody was Henry’s knowledge of 6 languages.

“I have just heard Mkhitaryan giving interview in absolutely fluent French. This is one of 7 languages he speaks. Impressive “- John Bennett from BBC wrote.

Let us note, that in addition to the native Armenian and Russian languages, Henrikh speaks English, French (lived in France as a child), German, Ukrainian and Portuguese (he also lived in Brazil 4 months as a child).

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