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Mino Raiola shared his point of view about the Gunners

Mino Raiola: Arsenal has enough money, but do they have the balls?

The football agent Mino Raiola has shared some details of the Paul Pogba transfer from Juventus to Manchester United. This transfer for 105 million EURO became the most expensive in the history of soccer.

“As far as the record transfer is concerned it is not only about money. It is necessary to have balls for that. Mourinho could take the responsibility for the spent means and tell: “Yes, it is my person”. Arsenal has money too. But whether they have balls for such transactions?

I respect Wenger. It has the philosophy and he considers that the sum does not correspond the player skills. I accept it. Real? Zidane wanted very much to see Pogba in the club, but we were not sure that the management of “Creamies” wanted him. It would be easier for Paul to pass into Real, the other championship and the Champions League there, but he did not look for easy ways.”

“I always say to the football players that we there where we have to be. MU will always be the one of the greatest clubs. Yes, “Red devils” were left without the Champions League, but they need us”.


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