Mino Raiola: “Zlatan wants to take a revenge on Guardiola”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s agent Mino Raiola has told about the relationships of the Swede with Josep Guardiola.

“I think, Zlatan wants to take revenge on Guardiola though it is not his main life target, as you shouldn’t dig two graves – for yourself and for the enemy.
You are taught a good lesson more after defeats, than after victories. And Zlatan learned a lot from the situation with Guardiola. Despite hostility, Ibrahimovic didn’t hide that he respects the coach. I don’t like him as the person. Zlatan recognizes that he is an excellent coach, and I allow this point of view, but I don’t recognize it”, – Mino Raiola said.

Ibrahimovic left Barcelona when it was under Guardiola. The Sweden playmaker is most likely to move to MU this summer while the Spaniard will coach ManCity.

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