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The Spanish coach of ManCity has provoked Lionel Messi for a conflict

Mikel Arteta provoked Lionel Messi on the abuse after the match

Mikel Arteta, the Manchester coach, provoked Lionel Messi on the abuse after the match of the 4th round of  the Champions League group stage, that ended with the Citizens’ victory (3: 1). Arteta insulted the Argentine after the meeting, in response Messi called him an idiot.

Here is the dialog containing mutual insults between them:

Arteta: “What are you waiting for, asshole? Go and change quickly. “

Messi: “Come over here, idiot. Stop run away and hide. “

The press blamed Fernandinho, the Manchester City midfielder for the conflict earlier, but the Brazilian midfielder denied this information, by posting a message on Twitter that the media spread false information.He does not contact to any of Barcelona players after the match, Fernandina says.

Sergio Aguero, the Manchester City forward, said that he didn’t hear the quarrel.

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