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Ronaldo catches up with Messi

Who is the best Champions League striker?

Who will be the first Champions League striker to score 100 goals? Leo was 10 goals behind Cristiano Ronaldo at the start of the season, but after the fourth round he reduced the distance to five goals.

The confrontation between two great strikers of nowadays takes place at the UEFA Champions League year by year.

In the season 2014/15, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo left behind the best shooters of the Raúl González tournament, both scored by 77 goals.

Ronaldo scored 16 times in the Champions League last season, 11 of them were in the group stage. That’s how he was ahead of Messi for ten goals, but the Argentinian made two hat-tricks  in this drawing and reduced the gap to five goals.

The score is 95:90 now, 98:93 if the whole UEFA club competition will be taken into account.

  • When Messi scored, his team lost only three times
  • Ronaldo scored more than once in 25 matches
  • Messi has seven hat-trick, Ronaldo – five
  • Ronaldo scored only in his 30th match
  • Ronaldo scored in both matches of 1/8 finals five seasons in a row
  • Both scored two goals in two finals

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