Mauricio Pochettino: “A task of each player of Tottenham – to move to a new stadium and play in the Champions League”

The head coach of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino has told about the club’s prospectives for the future.

“I think, it will be useful for players and potential beginners of team if they don’t surround themselves with rumors about my future.
It is really important, as we are ready to struggle for new football players, we want to get players who will be able to help us in the future. We don’t need too much, I have already a good squad.
Task of each player – to move to a new stadium and play in the Champions League. This season is really important for teh club. We have begun to believe that we are a big club after 10-12 games, started to behave correspondinly and  show good results. Perhaps, we lacked that in the first rounds, that resulted in a significant lead of Leicester.
The club has a big future: beautiful fans, the new stadium, an incredible infrastructure is under construction. Tottenham can become  a top club and battle every season for the highest positions”, – Mauricio Pochettino declared.


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