Маtic under Mourinho’s command in MU

Matic transfer to Manchester United

Shahed and Checkmated. Extra bumper for the Jose’s bus

The Serbian midfielder, Nemanja Matic moved from Chelsea to Manchester United.

4Gamblers considers on whether Nemanja can become the Old Trafford legend.

Why Mourinho needed Matic?

If you followed Mourinho’s work and have an idea of the game style the Portuguese propagates, then you should know – a defensive midfielder is always a key player in the Jose’s schemes. Costinha in Porto, Makelele in Chelsea at his first appearance, Cambiasso in Inter, Xabi Alonso in Real. And Mourinho insisted on the Matic return and made him back to Manchester from the second attempt. So now, please, try to recollect the United midfielders names of last season and find among them the one suiting perfectly the role of a link between the defense and attack. The one who should properly cope with rival’s forwards, keep the command balance under control, and determine the attacks direction by the internal compass. The most dignified candidate is Michael Carrick. If only he could knock ten or at least five years off.

Inefficient “resources” of MU

Pogba? He is an inefficient “resources” use. Manchester needs Paul without some specific position, but on the entire “prairie” field from one penalty area to another. Branches and roots under the luxurious Fellaini crown could be a good protection against weathering and erosion on the responsible position, if Marouane could expertly control the ball in addition to all his numerous talents. The designated role involves methodical work with a ball that automatically excludes the curly Belgian. Perhaps, the most successful as a key playmaker was Ander Herrera, who even started to apply rougher play. The Basque is a great guy and a good soldier, but Mourinho does not need a fearless scout thrown into an open fight, but a huge and clever elite force officer, having a good vision of the battlefield and the ability to assess the situation quickly. Such as Matic.

Mourinho ideal and use cases

Manchester United had options for the defensive midfielder, but Matic seemed to be number 1 on Mourinho’s list. Neither José’s compatriots Danilo and Carvalho from the Portuguese clubs nor Bakayoko, who could be pulled out from Monaco like with Chelsea. No, it was Nemanja completely adapted to the game and the Premier League victories. He is perfectly familiar with Mourinho’s teamwork. 2014/2015 season became the best one in the Serbs career, and he spent it under the Jose’s command in Chelsea. Now the player and coach are waiting for a new cooperation round. Will it be successful? There are several reason to believe it. Mourinho’s puzzle needed just this element, and the whole picture should be formed with Matic.

Matic is universal playmaker

The Serb transfer is the most important MU purchase. Neither Lindelöf nor Lukaku, but him. Most the Red Devils midfielders can perform something and something can’t, while Matic is is a very universal player. He might become the sole host of the defense line in the 4-3-3 scheme or balance any team-mate actions in a 4-2-3-1 arrangement. Nemanja should become a mounting foam or glue, holding the structure together in the skillful Mourinho’s hands.
Matic has everything José needs: destructive skills, dimensions, great pass culture and a left-footed incredible skills for smashing kicks. Chelsea realised the Kanté’s champion transfer last summer, who defended after the triumph with Leicester City his title in the other team. Now Matic is having the similar case.

May Matic transfer become a “golden” one?

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