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Massimiliano Allegri: We achieved the result, reducing the game pace

Massimiliano Allegri judged the Turin’s Derby

Let us note, Torino, who opened the score of the Turin’s Derby, failed to take advantage over Juventus and lost with 1:3.

“We’ve had an outstanding game today where the opponent was able to score a magnificent goal in his debut game. Belotti was really good at the front “- the “Zebras” mentor noted.

“The events could play against us during a second half because there was a high risk to fool away the Torino’s attacking. I can’t say such speed surprised us, but we could only show the result, if we slowed down “, – continued Allegri.

“I was completely satisfied with the Higuain game. All in all, the Argentine does not see himself in this game without scoring. Actually, this is the reason for his purchase.

“I am absolutely sincere and I really want to see a draw between Roma and Milan”, – stressed Allegri.

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