Rashford, young talented rising star of the EPL. More on 4Gamblers

Like to Marcus Rashford

Rashford, young talented rising star of the EPL

Rashford has definitely matured.  His physical form is awesome this new season. Either he spent all the holidays watching Alexander Nevskyy video lessons, or, carried mother’s packages with groceries. Judge by yourself:

In 2016 he looked like this:

Marcus Rashford impressive in 2016 on 4Gamblers

In 2017 he looks like this now:

Rashford has matured and prepared great for new season

That’s how a thorough workout during the summer means.

For one and a half season, Rashford did something incredible: scored ManCity, Chelsea, Arsenal, got into the main country’s national team and grabbed four trophies.

He does not need to be perceived as “top prospect” and “will come in handy in the future.” Who scored Celta from penalty area? Who put Demichelis on the ass? And who punished Chelsea the champion? Who on earth replaced Zlatan? Yes, yes, yes. It is him. The guy who is 19.

The idea of ​​a fantastic couple of dark-skinned forwards no longer seems crazy. Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole will clearly approve Lukaku and Rashford target tandem. Now United have only youth at the front line. Young people who starve blood and gold.

Rashford is easy-going

A young and extremely powerful forward who has not yet managed to go mad about money and popularity is at Jose’s disposal. Do not believe me? Check his Twitter, or Instagram. Here he is with the boys playing football. And here he is training with his brothers. And here is football again. Also he is a friend of Lingard and behaves in a nice way. A bit of a lad.

Now everybody is in equal conditions: the competition will not be complicated by the narcissistic Swede. The amount of playing time directly depends on the statistics and the benefits. If you scored, so play and score more. Did not score, sit down, let Lukaku try. Do not like the center? Try on the wing. Mourinho did not bully the young ones and use only experienced players. 18-year old wingers regularly appear in the system of the Special.

Marcus is so professional that he squeezes a maximum even from the preseason, where it is usual to roll balls. 53 minutes and 2.5 hits per goal. So if you score as often in the Premier League, you can easily become another Florentino Perez passion. Crazy Real president hasn’t paid for anyone 100 million for a long time.

As a result, we are waiting for the new season.

Don’t forget to bet for 15 Rashford’s goals next season. 😉

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