Marco van Basten suggests to cancel offsides and to give reds for time wasting

Marco van Basten have a few liberal views on the current state of football rules.

The ex-forward of the Holland national team Marco van Basten considers that rules of the game need to be changed so football became more attractive to the audience. He considers that modern game of some teams in defense became similar to handball. Also he considers that football became too slow, and it is necessary to punish football players for time tightening.
“There are too much delays in football. We need new rules to change it. Let’s show a red card to the football player in case he plays for time during replacement. Speed of game will increase.
Football has to be intense, honest and entertaining. I consider that the main test which football should take out – to be able to choose rules which are really necessary. Take a look, as football has developed. Modern football is more similar to handball. 11 people are playing in defense at the goals.

We should get rid of the rule of offsides. The rule is too difficult and always leads to the enormous number of discussions. Players will get used to it’s cancellation very quickly.
Life changes, football changes. Football was an entertainment 50 years ago, now it is enormous business. Big money is invested in it”, – Goal. com quotes Van Basten.

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