Gerrard's successor. Liverpool New №8 for £ 48 million. Who is he?

Liverpool new №8 after Steven Gerrard

Gerrard’s successor. Liverpool New

 8 for £48 million. Who is he?

Naby Keita transfer is the most expensive in the Red’s history. Will it be the most successful one???

Traditionally, European clubs become really active in a few days before the closing of transfer window. Liverpool have already bought 3 players this summer: Mohamed Salah, Dominic Solanke and Andrew Robertson. They spent £ 47 million in total. The Reds have announced the agreement on RB Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita transfer nowadays. The Guinean footballer will move to Liverpool in summer 2018.

Who can replace Gerrard?

It is necessary to note several details about the transfer. Firstly, the English club will activate a compensation point of about £ 48 million. Thus, the Merseysides will beat their transfer record. Another transfer’s significant factor is the number Keita will have on his jersey. № 8 belonged previously to the club’s legend, Steven Gerrard. We have to admit, each player is closely observed by local media and football experts in England. In addition, there will be a huge pressure on the young 22-year-old midfielder from fans. He will possibly cope with it only if he shows his best football that attracted Jurgen Klopp’s attention.

Record transfer amount

Can the record transfer amount be justified if the football player team played only one season in the Bundesliga? Everything is relative. If we look at Liverpool attacking actions, Keita exceeds significantly his future teammates on various skills. He scored 8 goals and made 7 assists in Bundesliga matches 2016-2017. Keita does not hesitate with dribbling. FYI, Sadio Mané, the best Liverpool last season dribbler, has an indicator of 2.5 successful ground moves per game. He has 2.7. And this is a central midfielder who can play deep in defense as well.

Who is better at the front line: Henderson or Keita?

Keita is a very skillful player. He is second in passes and lags behind only Jordan Henderson. But the Guinean player always aims to play at the front and finalize with the shot on goal, while Henderson makes the majority of assists. Keita’s strong point is the ability to thread the ball through as well. And Naby is the best in comparison with the above-mentioned 3 players based on that skill. So, it gives the right to believe that Keita will fit ideally into the attacking Klopp model.

Keita in defense

Besides, the Guinean midfielder is extremely useful in defense. He is very good at playing with forecasts. Keita outclasses Henderson, the support zone player, according to the interceptions number: 2.6 vs 1.7. This is even better than the Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kanté. In addition, the Guinean rarely allows the opponent to beat himself, and you can’t tell the same about the Liverpool captain. Therefore, he will be able to give a hand to his partner if necessary.


We can congratulate Liverpool management, because Naby Keita transfer will definitely bolster the lineup. The only thing, he will appear in the Reds jersey only in summer 2018. Although, the position strengthening is obviously required right away. And another thing, noone can guarantee his best performance almost in a year.

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