Barcelona scores three times, but loses to Celta Vigo.

Barcelona had a good chance to win

Barcelona scores three times, but loses to Celta

Thus, the Catalans got ready for the game in Vigo in a particular way, taking into account the last year’s defeat with the score 4:1. Barcelona had a good chance to win this year. It missed the same 4 goals, but scoring only three in response – waiting for a victory next season?

This is a joke,of course, but as you may know, every joke contains some truth.

Barcelona did not deserve to win today with such a weak game. What we can say, if Pique became the best attacking player of the Catalans?

First half

The first half was an equal game with a minimum moments. There was the only difference that Celta converted their moments, and Barcelona did not. Sisto opened the score on the 20th minute of the match. Ter Stegen and Busquets did not understand each other in a simple situation and lost the ball. Aspas interceptеd the ball and brought Sisto to a shooting position, who struck the goalkeeper from a sharp angle. Celta doubled the advantage in less than ten minutes. Aspas got the ball in the midfield, reached the penalty area, outplayed Pique and shot into the far corner of ter Stegen’s goal. But that was just the beginning. The next attack led to Celta’s scoring again. Wass made a cross into the penalty area, where Mathieu overran Aspas and put the ball in the back of his own net.

Second half

During the break, Luis Enrique fielded Andres Iniesta and it brought results. The Barcelona veteran made a perfect delivery into the penalty area, where the most agile Pique sent the ball into the net. The second goal didn’t wait long. The referee appointed a highly controversial penalty for a foul committed on André Gomes in the 64th minute of the match. Neymar confidently shot from the spot.

It seemed that Barcelona would not miss its chance. It seemed they would at least even the score by the end of the match. But the host team got help from ter Stegen. The German goalkeeper “brought” the ball in the back of his own net in a simple situation. He was not able to clear the ball away from his goal. When he finally decided to do that, Hernandez had already turned up next to him and the ball bounced from him into the Barcelona’s goal. The Catalans were able to win back just a goal during the time left. Piqué was the one to score again.

Gerard won the fight on the second floor after the pass of Denis Suarez and set the final result of the match – 4: 3 in favor of Celta.

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