Balotelli is back

The legend rises again, Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is back!

Balotelli, who has failed 2 last seasons, triumphantly returned back. Numerous goals for the Nice and the call up to Italy national  team makes us talk thoroughly about Mario’s return to the big game.

After the peak

Balotelli’s career reached his best when he was 22 years old. After a double-score to the German national team in the semifinals of Euro 2012 everyone admitted that this unbalanced and unreliable in everyday life guy has a real football talent. It was the time when Mario had to come to senses and concentrate on football. At present we would maybe be talking about the best striker of the planet, but in the Manchester City he lost the competition to  Dzeko, Aguero and Tevez, but began to score after a winter transfer at Milan. Mario scored 30 goals – a solid figure over half of the season at the Rossoneri, and Liverpool took the bite.The transfer to the Reds Balotelli would name the biggest mistake of his life. Liverpool is less than thrilled about the contract with him as well.

“Klopp is a piece of sh**t”

Mario failed his first season at the Liverpool and  was given to Milan last summer. After his return to Anfield, he met Klopp there, who deposed former coach Brendan Rodgers. Mario’s agent, infamous Mino Raiola presented German coach as a real monster, which made an outcast of a good boy. Jurgen was called  “a piece of sh**t” for not giving a chance for such a wonderful player. Klopp dealt with the player who scored two goals in the national championships during the last two seasons, playing for Liverpool and the Milan. Jurgen’s team is reposed on the atmosphere almost in everything.The coach has even admitted that no asshole would play in his team, no matter how brilliant he kicks a ball. Balotelli fits such a gaudy definition. Besides, his career needed a reanimation at the time when he met Klopp.

Klopp 2016 liverpool

Klopp 2016 liverpool

A sound advice from Mourinho

Raiola always extols his clients at public. He would not be the one of the most successful agents in the world, if he didn’t try to talk sense to Balotelli behind the scenes. Mino has gone to extremes in the summer: he organized a dinner with Jose Mourinho where the former Balotelli’s “Inter” coach explained  Mario that he stands at the precipice. Another misstep – and football career can not be saved. “Don‘t be an idiot, go to the pay cut, choose a club where to play,” – guided Jose. And it seems worked.

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

Jose Mourinho Manchester United

OGC Nice as a rehabilitation center

The Liverpool paid Mario almost 6 million euro a year. The unwillingness to pay the tidy sum prompted the Reds to make Balotelli a free agent at the end of the summer. Klopp needed Italian like a giraffe needs a strep throat, and he had little demand on the market. It was clear that the change of status had attracted the attention of many clubs, which hesitated to negotiate with Liverpool.The quickest was OGC Nice, which offered €4.5 million per year and the role of the team’s star.This post was vacant after the Hatem Ben Arfa’s transfer to PSG, who was able to restart his career in the Cote d’-Azur. Mino Raiola was delighted to attach his problematic ward  where he will be judged by the game, but not his personal life.

Joined the team hands-down

Probably following the advice of cunning Raiola, Balotelli decided to appease teammates immediately. Mario bought designer items for €15k and generously gave presents to his new friends. Then, he commenced to show brilliant skills in the field again. According to September results, the best Nice player has 5 goals in 3 matches of Ligue 1 on his account. The new Balotelli’s team is currently leading sensationally in the French tournament. Besides, he scored to Krasnodar in the Europa League, despite the poor state of health (breathing problems and vomiting) and required replacement at half-time. In short, Mario began briskly: he has more goals than games played.

The incident with Bentley

The president of Nice Jean-Pierre Rivière and vice president of Milan Adriano Galliani, who had dinner with Mario during the September international break noted with pleasure that Balotelli is now fully focused on football. Maybe Balotelli just did not have time to get used to a new place and get harmful acquaintances? Anyway, the first bell had already rung. Soon after his arrival to France, Mario got bored and asked Raiola for his “Bentley” keys. He promised to give the car under one condition: if the striker scores twice to Marcel.  Balotelli has fulfilled his part of the bargain and received “Bentley” at his disposal. Mario went to a yacht club, and bumped into a pole. Mino  forgave a negligent guy – perhaps, it is hard to surprise him after so many years.

Nice wants more gold!

If Balotelli continues in the same way and doesn’t turn on the winding paths of his usual insanity, his contract may become for Nice a deal of the century. In the most favorable scenario, the club will get back at least half Mario’s salary by selling T-shirts. It is bought all over the world, 15,000 T-shirts, €100 each, must be sold till the end of the year. It is €1.5 million. Besides, Nice expects to sell rights to broadcast matches of League 1 to TV channels, because after the departure of Raiola’s another client, Ibrahimovic, French football needs first rank media persons. Balotelli has all chances to become the face of League 1.

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Five “Golden  balls”

That’s the number of individual awards that Balotelli would have won, says Raiola, if he had thought the way as Zlatan. Mino boosts Mario in that way, but now the agent should restrain enthusiasm, because jumping through hoops awaits Balotelli in the nearest future. He scores again, feels comfortable at the Nice. He is said and written a lot about. Two years later, he is called up to the Italian national team again. Are there any good reason to celebrate the return to the big football through the back door? No, Balotelli has to do his job from match to match.

There were enough holidays in his life. Mario has to play and score enough to become the most demanded striker of next season.

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