USA Legalization of sports betting

Half of Americans are up for the legalization of sports betting

Legalization of sports betting in the USA

The corresponding questions can be risen before the new US president in 2017.

Fairleigh Dickinson University took a poll and it showed 48% of respondents supported the changes of the federal law providing for the legalization of sports betting. 39% were against, the Associated Press reported.

1019 people were noted to participate in the survey. A margin of error is plus / min 3.8%.

45% of those who were in favor of the legalization noted that many people bet regularly already. 39% voted in favor of the initiative as they believe in the growth of the government revenue.

55% of those who were against the initiative claimed about the possible increase of a game addiction in the country. 22% fear that it will give a hand for an organized crime, 16% believe the legalization can increase a sport corruption.

The survey also showed that those who support sports betting  are against casinos expansion in the United States. 68% believe the country has enough casinos. 16% of respondents would like to see less casinos in the country and only 11% want the number of such establishments to be increased.

Let us recall that the US gambling legislation will be revised by the US Congress quite soon in order to create a new bill. Congressmen will go through three basic gambling laws: PASPA, Sports Broadcasting Act and the UIGEA.

Sports betting is allowed only in Nevada now. The experts noticed the development of the informal gambling sector in the country.

According to the data of 2015, Nevada bookmakers approved bets for the total of $ 4.3 billion. The illegal market was estimated at $ 149 billion.

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