Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bryune: biography, life and career facts, photos

There was a forward with an intricate surname Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Manchester team once. He played with the Red Devils at the end of the last century.  They tried to win the Champions League trophy in an epic battle. First of all, Ole was an ideal “joker”. A football player who could substitute anybody and, as they say, make a game. The second striker’s feature is very revealingly described by his nickname – “the killer with the baby face”. Being already in his old football age, Ole had similar childish features and he scored a lot at the same time. Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is also often compared in a playful manner to the child by team-mates and fans. Meanwhile, the latter horrifies the teams-opponents with his ability to score. And we will tell you another interesting parallel to compare with the Norwegian striker. Kevin also flourished in Manchester, but only in the City.

Kevin De Bryune: Biography

The life of little Kevin began in one of the most football cities in Belgium – Gent. He was born in June 1991. And he was running with the ball on the sports grounds under the children’s coach command only a few years later. The guy preferred football to many other sports and stood out among his age mates very quickly. Kevin managed to play in Dronien, Gent and Genk U-teams for eight years. So he signed his first professional contract with the latter in 2008. A creative midfielder with a good field vision and excellent pass technique made serious progress at an early age. Persistence and hard work helped him transfer to the London’s Chelsea, to Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg, and finally to ManCity .

Kevin published a book

However, Kevin De Bruyne succeeded not only in sports. The footballer published an autobiographical book “Be Easier” in 2014, which characterizes the player in the best way. People recognize him on the streets, take autographs. Kevin is a star and future of Belgian football.

Nevertheless, the footballer’s personal life is a topic if not closed, then as private as possible. It is only known de Bruyne is in a relationship with a girl named Michel Lacroix. The pair had their first-born son Mason in 2016.

Career rise

The first top club for was Chelsea, London. However, de Bruyne played only three games for the Aristocrats first team within three years. The prospective football player spent the rest of the time on loan in his native Genk. Rafael Benitez was ready to offer the player only substitute role, and Kevin De Bruyne was already too qualified for the Belgium championship level. Therefore, the player agreed to Werder Bremen offer without thinking twice. The midfielder managed to settled down there. As a result, he played for Wolfsburg in the prestigious Champions League in a year. By the way, Kevin played more than fifty matches for the Wolves within two seasons. He became one of the best in Bundesliga according to the formula “goal + assist.”

De Bruyne back to England

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini tried to build a powerful team the third time in 2015. He wanted it not only to impose a fight in the Champions League play-offs, but also win a trophy so desired by the club managers and the multimillion army of fans. The experienced coach did not have deficit in class players in the center. Though, not so young Yaya Touré and Fernandinho with all their merits could not consistently play more than 40 matches for a season. So Pellegrini turned his eyes to the Wolfsburg rising star.

Kevin De Bryune signed a record £74 million contract with the Citizens for 6 years. The footballer began to work out heartily every pound spent on him from the first days in the training camp. The Belgian immediately became the Citizens first team player. He lost the battle only to the experienced Arsenal leader Mesut Özil at the end of the season. The situation in the team did not change with Josep Guardiola arrival. De Bruyne does not play with the Spanish coach only when he needs a pause to recover, or, as they say, from tactical considerations.

National team record

Surely, Kevin De Bruyne is a footballer whose name is closely associated with the Red Devils future, along with such talents as Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku. This generation of bright and extraordinary players is potentially comparable to the team created fear in world football in the 80s of the last century. Kevin De Bruyne has already played more than 50 matches for the national team and has good chances to go with it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.