Juventus' forward Alvaro Morata from Spain

Juventus vs Milan in the Supercoppa Italiana at Doha 2016

Betting Tips: Juventus vs Milan at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium, 23.12.2016

4Gamblers believes the teams will be able to score, taking into account game related factors.

It is necessary to remember before betting on the match Juventus vs Milan, as the Italian football bosses decided to host it outside the country not for some better show. Serie A needs stars as well as promotion. Arab and Asian millions attracting is also welcomed.

Therefore, the match will be played for the second time in Doha. I remember, the match between Juventus and Napoli in 2014. Both teams scored by two goals, showed an outstanding thriller with extra time and a penalty shootout, where the Neapolitans turned out to be a little luckier.

Juventus is going to play with Milan now.

The Rossoneri managed to beat their rivals with a minimum score in the national championship not too long ago.

Anyway, the story here is somewhat different. There was a hoopla about uninteresting game when Juve beat Lazio with dry score 2:0 in Shanghai last year. I think this match will have a show, thriller, action movie, comedy and melodrama elements. To cut the story short, the whole package, in order to prove to all the world, and “money” in particular that Italian football is still interesting. It can be financed, and stars can be sent there.

And all this will happen against the background that the Italian leader will take every effort to take a revenge over the Rossoneri for the humiliating defeat. As for Milan, they can always score. Moreover, the Juve’s defense line doesn’t look so solid. Certainly, we are mostly talking about the squad problems.

To be honest, I do not understand why the odds for goals exchanging equal to 2.00 in such situation. It’s really a great deal for such a match. Given the above, I will offer just three bets. I think everyone has a good chance to go through, and with such odds they can surely be considered as valuable.

Recommended odds:

Juventus to win odds:  1.70 at RealDealBet

Draw odds: 3.98 at TipBet

Milan to win odds: 6.65 at YouWin

Under 2.5 odds: 1.85 at YouWin

Over 2.5 odds: 2.10 at RealDealBet


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