Liverpool vs Tottenham

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Preview. Liverpool vs Tottenham, 02.04.2016.

Liverpool have no right to lose points against the Spurs

Preview. Liverpool vs Tottenham, 02.04.2016

Liverpool was quite successful in their last rounds before the break for the International play-off matches. They confirmed all experts’ forecasts qualifying to the Europe League quarterfinals where they are going to meet with Borussia Dortmund. As for the Premier League, the Reds earned a good number of points. But still rested on the 8th position of the PL. In fact, Liverpool has a chance to qualify to the Champions League for the next season as they lag behind ManCity with just 7 points gap and 1 more game in hand.

In that way the Reds have no right to let slip any point against the Spurs

The Klopp’s squad didn’t manage to take advantage of the Citizens’ mistakes, and was defeated despite of all forecasts in their favor. Liverpool played really hard the 1st half of their away match with Southampton, scoring 2 goals by the 22nd minute of the game, dominating on all positions. Although the 2nd half was not so confident, and despite all bets favoring the Reds, they lost up all their prevalence and missed totally 3 goals and lost the match.

Tottenham is considered the strongest team of PL

Tottehham is considered the strongest team of PL and struggling hard for the Championship against Leicester regardless to all previews against them. The Spurs didn’t disappoint their fans in the last 2 rounds, but there were some difficulties in the previous matches. Leicester runs without any stumble, so the situation remains the same – the Pochettino’s side are behind them lacking 5 points.

The Spurs demonstrated a great game against Bournemouth, scoring 3 times without leaving any chance at home

The Cheries were expected to struggle for some points. But they obviously gave up missing 2 goals by the 16th minute of the match. Both teams are going to battle for the only outcome, they strive for the victory, as, on one hand, the Reds can lose their last chances to qualify to the Champions League, on another hand, the Spurs won’t become champions this season.


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