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Juergen Klopp told about his first season and current plans

Juergen Klopp: It is time to do something special

The former coach of Borussia Dortmund Juergen Klopp recently celebrated a year in Liverpool. Unfortunately, the Reds didn’t pick up any trophies last season, but started playing very nice, that’s why Merseyside’s fans began to support their favorites again.

“I’ve always dreamed of working in the club with a rich history, wild fans and special philosophy. My dream came true, that’s why I headed Liverpool. Honestly, I did not expect that Liverpool will have such an influence on me.

Everybody says about money invested but not the football itself. As for me I still prefer to talk about sport components. When the whole team works hard, dodges and cares about each other, the result will come by itself even without cash infusion.

I don’t care what the experts say about Klopp and Liverpool. I’m doing my best. What are the Liverpool’s plans”? Far-reaching plans, of course! “- the Reds coach is joking.

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