Chelsea FC player John Terry womanizer. Read on 4gamblers

Chelsea FC player John Terry womanizer

Magnificent Seven of Chelsea FC player, John Terry

John Terry is a popular player and no less famous womanizer, so we would like to bring to your attention his most high-profile victories on the love front on his 36th birthday. John Terry is famous not only for his games for Chelsea, but also for numerous love affairs. A list of his love stories is quite impressive. Although now he is a square John, father of two children and a loving husband. We have collected for you the most high-profile stories of his intrigues.

Jayne Connery (1999)

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She was 32, he was 20. She worked at Heathrow Airport, he was in first Chelsea team. Terry has been dating his present wife for 4 years at the time of their meeting, but, of course, he did not say a word about it to Jane. Their affair lasted five months. Everything ended when Tony called Jane and directly asked if she slept with John.

Nicola Ulian (2002)

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The next long term love affair happened with Nicola Ulian, also a few years senior than football player. She thought John was single, like all the other girldfriends. Moreover, Terry assured her that he had split up with Tony and was now ready to be only with her. Together with Nikola they had fun as much as they could while his girlfriend was not at home. Certainly, the girl was confused with all the hung pictures with Tony over the house, and clothes in the closet, but she still decided to give Terry a chance. Their affair lasted until Nicola found out that John didn’t split up with Tony and all this time just cheated on his lover.

Karina Clarke (2004)

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Karina Clarke was a British porn actress, working for the Playboy TV at that time. They met with John in a bar, where they drank themselves to dead, and the next morning woke up in the same bed. Surely, he was silent about his girlfriend again. They didn’t see each other after that night, and John was buying Emma Kearney cocktails in the next bar two weeks later.

Lauren Pope (2004-2005)

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Nothing is known for sure about their relationship, except that it has lasted for six months. Apparently, the British model appeared to be one of the few Terry girlfriends, who did not tell the press about their affair.

Shalimar Wimble (2005)

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Terry met model Shalimar Wimbley at the party, where he was with his friends – Wayne Bridge, Frank Lampard, Glen Johnson and Joe Cole. At first, the footballer ordered a bottle of vodka, and then persuaded her to go with him to the hotel. However, Wimbley resisted, she did not want one night relationship. They met in the same place three months later and this time the model gave up and went with Terry. They had been dating for two months, spending time in the Bridge house, while he was not at home. As the girl claimed, she knew nothing about John’s bride. Soon Wimbley and Terry broke up because she caught him kissing another girl. In an interview, Shalimar said, “John can be Chelsea captain, but he does not respect women. I feel sorry for his bride.”

Jenny Barker (2005)

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She walked over to Terry for an autograph, and he … recorded his number in her phone and asked her to write him. Overjoyed Jenny fulfilled the captain’s request almost immediately. The next day, she was sitting in his car, where they embraced and kissed each other, but the sex never came. Apparently, she was the first one he confessed to that he had a girlfriend. By the way, Jenny was 17 years old at that time.

Douvell Alicia (2006)

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The model, who had made 15 breast plastic operations, claimed that slept with John, while his girlfriend was pregnant.

Vanessa Perronsel (2009)

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Perhaps the loudest John Terry love affair tied with the French lingerie model Vanessa Perronsel. By the way, she was his wife’s best friend and his former teammate’s Wayne Bridge girlfriend. Tony and Vanessa began to communicate more mainly because of their lovers who were good friends. In addition, the couples’ children were born around the same time, and the girls began spending even more time together. Vanessa broke up with Wayne a few years later, and Tony didn’t come to help but John did. First he went to the house next door, just to drink tea and to support his friend, but then the warm gatherings in the kitchen turned into a relationship. It was reported that Perronsel even was pregnant but had an abortion at the request of her lover. It all got leaked to mass media at one point, and broke out a huge scandal. Due to this Terry was even kicked out of the national team and Chelsea fans had been chanting for some time: “Chelsea, wherever you may be, do not leave your wife with John Terry».

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