Joey Barton accused in gambling 4Gamblers

Joey Barton made 1260 bets for the last 10 years

Joey Barton is accused of a long and regular betting activity

England Football Association announced the Burnley midfielder Joey Barton had violated an internal code of FA due to betting on football matches.

It is reported, Joey Barton has bet on football since 2006 year. He made 1260 bets in total. Presumably, most of them were made on the football matches of the England championship.

The football player and Burnley Football Club have already received notification of the FA investigation. The Football Association of England requires an explanation from Barton on the allegations about rates till January, 5 of 2017.

Let us recall, the Burnley halfback had suspension for one match due to the betting activitty on football matches from July, 1 to September,15 of 2016.

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