Jamie Carragher considers that Mauricio Pochettino shouldn't leave the team 4gamblersclub

Jamie Carragher: “Where Pochettino can go from Tottenham?

The former defender of Liverpool and nowadays the expert of Sky Sports Jamie Carragher considers that Mauricio Pochettino shouldn’t leave the team even if Real invites him.

“Why should Pochettino want to leave? Where would he go? Real is a dream for players and coaches, but is an insane asylum. Coaches work there one year and if two, then they have won a lottery.
Pochettino has done a lot for the Spurs, he has a young and strong team, one of the best training grounds. A new stadium is planned to be constructed in order to compete decently with Arsenal and MU. There is everything for the coach in the club.
In future, of course, he can move to Madrid, but the Spurs have a lot trophies ahead, the team is apt to win.
Now there is a chance to win the championship. You can hardly have such chance any more, but looking at the team not, I almost confident they have a victorious future ahead”, – Jamie Carragher noted.

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