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Ibrahimovic pleased to play with Wayne Rooney

Ibrahimovic: Rooney is an ideal example for imitation

The forward of MU Zlatan Ibrahimovic has shared his opinion about  his colleague at the front, Wayne Rooney.

“I think, all great football players can play with each other. There are 11 players in the field, but not 2. Tactics and structure are determined by the coach, and I do not find a problem playing together with Rooney. I’ve already mentioned many years ago that Rooney is an ideal partner. He works as for himself, so for the rest of players at the front line, and all team as well.

I am glad to be one of his team fellows.

Wayne has a fantastic career. If I am not mistaken, he was 18 years old when he came here, which is 12 years ago. Playing so long in top clubs is a difficult task. Players constantly come and leave, but he keep on playing in MU all the time.

Rooney demonstrates a great performance every year. Wayne is an ideal example for imitation for young fans.

I am glad that he is in the team, and I will try to take every effort to win together”, – the Red Devils press service quotes Ibrahimovic.

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