Gerard Pique - ardent poker fan.

Gerard Piqué “infected” Barcelona players with poker

Gerard Pique  – ardent poker fan

He was born in Barcelona, played in Barcelona and became its real star. Today the star football player is one of the brightest players in all Catalan football history. As he is a true leader either on the pitch or outside it. We are talking about Gerard Pique.  Besides his love to sports, there is no secret about it, he is an ardently poker fan. And the funniest thing is that he “infected” almost all his teammates with his interest to the intellectual card game. It didn’t happen without Neymar’s help, his good friend and PokerStars team member. That’s really where 2 lonelinesses met”.

In one of his last interviews, Gerard Pique noted that many of his teammates began to play poker. The evening gatherings were not rare in their company:

“They really like poker. The guys know that Neymar and me often roll. They constantly ask about our results and whether we are satisfied with our game level.”

“Many would like to join us in the major tournaments, but … There is a small problem – almost all team members are bad poker players (laughs). Otherwise…”

At the same time the low game level does not prevent Barcelona from organizing games in the most inappropriate places, such as in the locker room:

“It happens that we play in the locker room. It is clear that not for money, but for fun. The game improves mood, because everybody really loves poker. And who does not know the game rules, just enjoys watching it.”

From Piqué words, the poker game evenings are not a rare event in the national team.

It especially takes place when there is a free evening. According to the footballer, David Silva and David De Gea are not so bad in the game. Some familiar new faces are likely to appear in one of the future series.

Let’s see…

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