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FIFA President refutes his sexual harassment

Former FIFA President is accused of sexual harassment

What happened?

Hope Solo and Sepp Blatter, FIFA President attended the Golden Ball award ceremony together in 2013. The US team football player represented her colleague Abby Wambach there. Blatter pinched the Solo’s buttocks before going onto the stage. It had happened a few seconds before they appeared in front of the public. Solo had no possibility to stand against FIFA president then.
“I decided to speak about it only now, because I’m used to solving all the issues personally. But since that moment Blatter and I have not seen each other. I was completely devastated at that moment, but I had to celebrate an important moment in my friend’s team career” said Solo. She published a statement in Instagram later, where she supported all women who claimed harassment.
” I’ve thought recently about all the situations I and my team-mates have been going through for many years. This happened with coaches, doctors, managers and even our friends. Unacceptable comments, insults, appearance discussions and sexual harassment are widespread in the sports world. I always felt I was coping with it and controlling myself, but there were no consequences. It needs to be changed. Silence will not change the world!”- wrote Solo.

Reaction of FIFA President

“Why should I answer for this? The Solo’s accusations are ridiculous and absurd,” the representatives of an 81-year-old ex-official Blatter said his words. He could be believed, were it not for the aggravating circumstances of Blatter’s work. He achieved success as FIFA president, but was suspended from football activities for six years later after corruption charge. Blatter also denied everything then, and gave only his own words as a proof.

And can you believe Solo?

The US team goalkeeper Hope Solo also has skeletons in her closet. She was convicted of beating relatives in the summer of 2014. Drunken Solo went crazy at a party where she beat her sister and nephew. Neighbors called the police, who took the football player to the station. Hope Solo still did not admit guilt, but the court forbade her to meet with relatives.

Solo is the one of the sexiest, but…

Herewith, Solo is considered one of the sexiest female sportswomen. But she has no mercy to anybody on the football field. Solo was expelled from the US team for remarks against the Swedish rivals a year ago. She called the opponents’ girls cowards. “Six months of disqualification, no salary. The contract is terminated. 17 fucking years, but now it’s over,” Solo said.
Now she is mending manners and trying to live right.

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