Athletic Bilbao

History of Athlectic Bilbao

In the city of Bilbao, football has appeared thanks to a small group of guests from the UK. They were British steelmakers and sailors. In the future, you will understand that the common between England and the football club “Athletic”.

At the end of the 19th century the city was one of the main ports and had a large number of iron mines and shipyards. Bilbao also had many migrants from northwest England. It was they who instilled love for the game of football in the city. As a result, in the early 1890’s, thanks to the work of the workers, the Bilbao football club was formed.

At the same time, the Basque people went to the UK to study engineering and commerce. As a result, after spending some time at Wayne’s home, the Basques also became interested in football, and after returning to Bilbao they began to play matches against British workers.

In 1898, students from the local gymnasium founded the Athletic Football Club or the Athletic Club in English.

In 1902, two teams from Bilbao decided to form a common team called the Bizkaia Club and declared it to participate in the first Spanish Cup draw. And surprisingly, many of this club managed to win the trophy, defeating Barcelona in the final. As a result of this triumph, the official merger of two clubs, called “Athletic” Bilbao, took place a year later. By the way, in the same year, the club “Athletico” Madrid was also founded by Basque students, and since then, there has been rivalry between the two “Athletics”.

Since the foundation of the Red and White Club, he has participated in the King’s Cup drawings. After the victory in 1903, the team won this trophy in 1904, 1911, 1914, 1915 and 1916. In those days, the main star of the “lions” was the striker Pichichi, who scored the first ball at the opening of the old stadium “San Mames”. By the way, currently the title of the best scorer of the Spanish Championship is the name of the great striker from Bilbao.

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