Uganda football team with fans sank. Read on 4Gamblers

Football team with fans sank in Uganda

The Uganda football team and fans on board of the vessel wrecked

According to The Sun, the Uganda football team and fans from the village in the district Buliza were heading for a friendly match in honor of the Catholic Christmas. The boat managed to depart only 100 meters from the shore, then turned upside down and sank.

The tragedy killed nine people, another 21 are missing. There were 45 people on board in total.

Local police commander Rutagira John commented on the incident:

“They overcharged the boat. Eyewitnesses report the majority of people were sitting on one boat side, having unbalanced it. So this is the reason the boat overturned.

We can confirm the only 15 people life saving at the moment.”

It is also reported, the majority of drowned and missing couldn’t swim.

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