Felipe Melo confessed about the difficulties of his childhood 4gamblersclub

Felipe Melo: “I would become a murderer if there was no football in my life”

The halfback of Internazionale Felipe Melo confessed about the difficulties of his childhood.

“My father had to work double shifts in order to meet both ends together. We were deprived from many regular needs. I understood later on how it was important. I wouldn’t be here if didn’t pass through that.
My father was very close to me, so my wife and children are very important for me as well. God is on the first place, afterwards a family.
Football always played a crucial role in my life. If I didn’t become a footballer, would be a murderer.
I have grown up in one of the most dangerous areas full of drugs and weapon trafficing. I could go for a training, and find out that my friend was killed after coming back. I had a choice between the world of football and the world of crime.

Fortunately, I could pass through all this and fulfill the dream. I have chosen football, different life”, – Felipe Melo said.

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