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Yuriy Vernydub gave interview before the match on Old Trafford

Yuriy Vernydub: We are scared to play on Old Trafford

The head coach of Zorya Yury Vernidub has told about the expectations from the Europe League match against Manchester United.

“The team is currently on the rise though we face a difficult period. We play in three days and with what rivals — Dynamo, Fenerbahçe, Vorskla, MU now will be, but we demonstrate a good readiness — both physical, and psychological.

Are we scared to play on the Old Trafford? Honestly — it is true needless to pretent. We understand that Manchester United is a world-class brand. We definitely feel an alarm though we, coaches, try to inspire confidence of the squad. Everything is possible in soccer, first of all, it is necessary to show a decent performance.

MU has got a new mentor this season. I have made a conclusion from what I noticed: as all teams of Mourinho, present “Devils” promptly turn from defense into attack, however, they have problems with the movement in the opposite direction, thus baring the back areas.

They have already accepted the philosophy of the Portuguese coach: he isn’t too anxious with a ball possession, works pragmatically, usually scoring after a fast progress from the defense line to the front.

Let’s try something counteract that.

And what is possible to oppose to Ibrahimovic? And Rooney, Pogba, Valencia, Carrick? However, they all have “minuses”, they are ordinary people, and people are imperfect.

“We aren’t going to play with anybody personally ” — declared Vernydub.

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