English Premier League 2015/2016 season results

English Premier League 2015/2016 season results.

When there is nothing left to say than “thank you”. Manchester United has broken the resistance of the London eagle from Crystal palace on Saturday night, thereby confidently finishing the season and winning the Cup of England. It was really a fascinating final and I am grateful to both teams. Thanks a bunch to both of them!
I would like to thank every single team, players, and all those who were involved in that great season. But let’s go one by one.

Thanks to Aston Villa!

It has been finally relegated and will not torment either itself, or others with their sad football. The process of reorganization and cleanup will take place within the Championship’s conditions, and it means that we are not likely to see Willans in the Premier league within 5 years or so. We should consider Burnley as an ideal example. This team has stable structure throughout several seasons that allows it to relegate and come without serious consequences back. The correct management of the club on behalf of a management and the head coach –that is what is necessary to pay attention for Aston Villa first of all.

It is possible to advise the same to Newcastle.

Thanks them for the fact that they are a phrase embodiment “life teaches that it teaches nothing”. Maybe now the life will teach them. And all this repeats again and again. There was already a relegation to from EPL, and spending huge amounts for new players and coaches. The Newcastle owner is the only one who hasn’t been changed. But it is impossible to take and change like that. He is full of ambitions, still enough funds, therefore we have to wait Newcastle in elite of the English football in a year.

Thanks to Norwich City!

We are thankful for Hary O’Neill who does not spare either himself, or rivals, nor partners by the club when the result of the team is at stake. The proof for that serves an accidental collision with the defender Brady and loss of two teeth during the match against Chelsea. If I am not technically strong enough – achieve success in physical. And on top of it, we should not forget a fiery firefight 4:5 with Liverpool at home. It is  definitely one of the best matches of the season.

Thanks to Sunderland!

For the fact the Black cats possess an incredible stamina and are capable to survive in the Premier league under any conditions. And the successful winter transfers strengthened by the next youth of Jermain Defoe have only helped to avoid relegation. The team has pulled together and amicably left a relegation zone at the most difficult moment of a season.

Thanks to Bournemouth!

For fearless and bright attacking football which helped them to ground the place in the Premier league. Thanks for the young, perspective, and competent head coach Eddie Howe whose game philosophy works and pushes the club in the right direction.

Thanks to Crystal Palace!

For effective first rounds of the championship so they could count for the place in Euro tournaments and for fascinating travel to the FA Cup Finals. For high-speed wingers Yannick Bolasie and Wilfried Zaha which all season tormented the rivals on wings and center halfbacks Mile Jedinak and Joe Ledley who have reminded us of brutality and courage of football with their beards.

Thanks to West Bromwich!

As it managed to demonstrate how it is possible to use competently all five center defenders in starting lineup (or to compensate lack of flank) with two playing on flanks of defense and one – in ncenter. So it works well enough. Tony Pulis is a good expert in creation the defense line. 11 scoreless matches for two goalkeepers Boaza Maykhill and Ben Foster is confirmation to that.

Thanks to Watford!

For the international squad, where were only two British – Troy Deneey and Ben Watson applied for the season. Though it has not prevented Quique Flores from building instantly an excellent team with the bright goal-scorer – Odion Ighalo. Also we will remember here Heurelho Gomes and his feats on reflection of two penalties in the match against “VBA”.

Thanks to Swansea City!

For Franchesko Gvidolin’s appointment. I really doubted his ability to fix the game of “swans”. It is quite a risky step  to leave the motherland and to go England in 60 years. But there was everything very decent and he has future a good future.

Thanks to Everton!

It has finally descended from heaven to the earth. It  especially concerns Roberto Martinez who was considered as a direct alternative to Arsène Wenger, but it is rather early so far. Martinez even with an excellent squad couldn’t improve a position of the Toffees. And now they go in the opposite directions, and everyone will choose its own way to the tops. We hope that these circumstances will only accelerate progress of both Everton, and Roberto Martinez.

Thanks to Chelsea!

For what was demonstrated as the team with top players and the top coach can fall so low. As everything is changeable in our life. Even at big money and the “special” trainer it is possible to finish a season on the 10th place. But a top, it on that and a top that then to rise, shake off and go only forward.
Thanks to Stoke City! Finally, we are not going to witness just long lofted balls at Stoke City, but the tactical flexibility, short passes and bright combinations. Now the game not so boring. We thank Mark Hughes for adding new colors to the game of the team.

Thanks to Liverpool!

For their legendary spirit. It was  a little reduced, but there still is. Jürgen Klopp is the coach who knows well what to do with that spirit. We remember the last minutes of matches with Borussia in Europe League and Arsenal in the championship. We should also thank here to Kolo Toure who still can perform a good game in defense. Or it just seems only to me?

Thanks to West Ham!

It had tirelessly removed scalps from EPL grandees and  the process was quite interesting, impressive and with good taste at the same time. We are thankful they beat Manchester United in the farewell day of the stadium. It is usually occurs so only in fairy tales. Thanks to the captain Mark Noble who proved with 7 goals that he not only the iron woodcutter and the collector of yellow-red cards. Also thanks to Michail Antonio, who proved everybody that it is possible to become from the attacking vinger to the reliable right defender.

Thanks to Southampton!

For the unpredictable ending of the tournament which has allowed them to jump onto the place granting the right to take part in Europe League next season. For a victory 4:0 over Arsenal. It was effective and painful at the same time. And thanks for incredible center forwards. Pelle, Long and Austin interchanged each other in familiar way only  to Ronald Koeman. When some various problems witnessed one forward – another hurried to replace him. And so around.

Thanks to Manchester United!

It was the first time I’ve seen so many goalless first halves. Either there was a football magic, or Louis Van Gaal’s philosophy, or just reliability of defense… Thanks for the first trophy since the times of Sir Alex and for numerous debuts of young players from the academy. It is well worth respect. Many of them have excellent prospects.
Thanks to Manchester City! For their tireless fights on all fronts. The team should be proud of their perfomance as in the Champions League so in the FA Cup. Yes, they have stumbled in the championship.  It happens. Sometimes it is worth taking a step back before two steps forward. We still have to thank they believed in wonderful healing of the fighting captain Vincent Kompany, and he kept on being injured.

Thanks to Tottenham!

You were the best Tottenham out of all previous “Tottenhams”. Your couple of central defenders were really impressive. Your unique center forward – Harry Kane – destroyed all defense lines of rivals. You have made outstanding jump in the development, but the blurred ending of the championship has destroyed hopes for the champion’s title, but you became stronger and much more dangerous, than before.

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