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Victorious goal of Eder on EURO 2016

Eder Macedo: Cristiano told me I could score a victorious goal

The forward of Portugal national team who  had scored a victorious goal in EURO 2016 final with France (1:0 FROM), commented on a match outcome.
“It is the magnificent moment. Our team worked much. We knew that we were supported by all Portugal, fought and proved well. We deserved this title for our  diligence. All tried – players and coach’s headquarters. Portugal waited so long for this title. Just fantastically! My congratulations to all of us!
I waited for the moment from the very first day in the national team. Ever since Fernando Santos has announced me in team. He knew what I was good and fit well for the team. He believed in me, and I worked hard, trying to introduce as much as possible advantages. I am very glad to our achievement.

Cristiano told that I could score a victorious goal. The same was said by the others. It gave me forces and energy. The goal has turned out very important.

I worked much on it. We put our drive and value for that success. We worked really hard from the very beginning of EURO 2016 . Portuguese have deserved these emotions”, – Eder said.

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