Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is a world-class winger with excellent technique

Family and childhood

The Belgian city of La Louvière gave the world a creative, fast and fearless football player Eden Hazard. The player’s date of birth is January 7, 1991. Eden grew up in the small Walloon town of Braine-le-Comte, in a large football family. His parents also played football. The Hazard’s mother Katherine played on position of forward in the First Belgian Division, being pregnant with a future football star. And she actually kept playing during the first 3 month of her pregnancy. His father Thierry devoted much of his time to the midfielder’s career in a semi-professional Louvières team from the Second Belgian Division. All his three brothers, Ethan, Torgan and Kilian, are footballers on the professional level.
Eden professes Islam despite the fact that his father is a native Belgian, and his mum is from Morocco.
Eden Hazard could develop and improve in football together with his brothers from childhood, because they lived “a couple of steps” from the football playground. And parents did everything possible for their sons to succeed in football.

Eden Hazard career

First steps in the Belgian winger

Royal Stade Brainois is the first Eden’s football club, where the boy made his first steps at the age of 4. He was called a “gifted player” in the club. And one of the coaches claimed he could not teach Eden Hazard more, as the gifted Belgian had already known everything.
Eden Hazard transferred to Tubize football club after 8 years. No wonder, the player starts to be in the first team in local tournaments immediately.

Hazard moved to France

Hazard is noticed by Lille French club at the age of 14. So the club’s management decides to negotiate with the boy’s father and offer him a contract. The father accepts the offer motivating the French clubs can give more to the boy’s development than the Belgium ones. The last ones did not differ in the established system of young players training.
The Belgian signs his first 3-year professional contract in spring, 2002. The player was transferred to the reserve team, taking part in the French amateur championship season 2007-2008. He joined the first team in 2008. In general, the football player scored 50 goals and played 192 matches during his time in the club (5 seasons). The Belgian won the French Cup and the championship with Lille team in the season 2010-2011.

Transfer to Chelsea

Such clubs as Barcelona, Internazionale, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester United got interested in the skillful playmaker. However, Eden chose Chelsea FC that time. The transfer amount was more than £30 million. So the footballer played already as a part of the Blues in a game against Manchester City for England Super Cup in summer 2012. It is noteworthy, the Belgian became the best EPL young player during the first season in Chelsea.

Eden Hazard record

The Belgian set a new record in the professional football league history among English football clubs and was awarded as the best championship player in three starting rounds. Eden Hazard played more than 200 matches in season 2012-2016 with a record more than 50 goals.
Eden Hazard earned his first red card in a game against Swansea City in 2013. The winger hit the boy who served the balls with a ball, and it is considered an obvious violation of the football rules. This action provoked discontent, but the incident was justified by a lot of coaches and players.
Eden played for many youth Belgian national teams. The player had “baptism by fire” playing with the first main Belgian national team in the game against the Luxembourg national team. Hazard played 63 games and scored 12 goals during the whole career in the national team.

Personal life

Eden has relations with Natasha (maiden name, Natacha Van Honacker) – the first and only love of the Belgian. The couple met each other in the early childhood and began dating at the age of 14. They bring up two wonderful sons, Janis and Leo.