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Hazard interviews his teammates

Eden Hazard interview specially for Chelsea TV

Chelsea’s midfielder Eden Hazard decided to try himself as a TV reporter and interviewed his teammates specially for Chelsea TV.

After the away match against Hull City, that ended with a victory of the Blues 2:0, Chelsea players were in a good mood, and allowed themselves to fool around a bit.

The initiator of the funny interview was Eden Hazard. He decided to try on a role of a reporter. Eden took comments of his teammates about the recent match.

The first one who come across Eden was the author of one of the goals, Willian. He, a little embarrassed, at last answered the question.

“Hello, this is Eden Hazard specially for Chelsea TV. Willie, a few words about your goal, please”- the Belgian started.

“This beautiful goal I dedicate to my mom”, – Willian said.

“Your mother? Not me?”, – Hazard asked in surprise. The Brazilian thought over, and replied, “I will dedicate a goal to you maybe next time”.

Hazard did not stop on that and tried to interview the author of the other goal scored in the game – Diego Costa.

After the request to comment on his goal the Spaniard only replied with a happy tomfoolery. Then he made a crazy sound like a dog barking, and went down the hall.

This video demonstrates a very friendly and warm atmosphere reigning at Chelsea now.

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