Dunga may expropriate Neymar the captain’s band of Brazil national team

The Brazilian manager Dunga has informed he may take captain’s band away from the forward Neymar and give it to another player.

«I am going to change some things and I should speak with Neymar. His way of playing and dribbling, which is so liked in football, takes him into collisions. It is the same at Barcelona. It’s not about the armband.
Firstly, I thought that making him a captain would give him more security and make him feel more important. The easiest thing to decide is whether to give Neymar an armband or not. We should speak to him.
He is not the captain of Barcelona but the same things happen. So it is not about an armband.

I can’t say that there has been no mistakes. We spoke to him in order to reach a single common decision, which will be good for him, the national team and Barcelona, but the most important to think about Brazil and Neymar» – ESPN quoted Dunga with reference to SporTV.
We have to remind that Dunga has taken the captaincy after the 2014 World Cup from PSG defender Thiago Silva and then stopped to invite the captain of Parisians to play for a national team.
Neymar will miss 2016 Copa America and play in 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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