Diego Maradona critisized AFA about Messi Read more on 4Gamblers.club

Diego Maradona criticized the national football association management again

Diego Maradona: Argentina is too great to allow Barcelona deprive it from Messi

Diego Maradona has taken into consideration many issues including Lionel Messi, the national team’s and the Barcelona’s forward.

“Argentina is too great for Barcelona to take the injured Messi. We used to care more about the national team than about  the clubs before”. – the Spanish Sport online media quoted Maradona.

Messi did not take part in the qualifying matches of the World Cup tournament against Peru (2:2) and Paraguay (0:1). The Bauza’s paraguayan wards lost on their home match.  Messi injured a muscle, and remained at the Catalan club. It caused a great controversy in Argentina, and many doubt that Messi wasn’t really able to play for the national team.

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