David de Gea

David De Gea: all interesting facts about the Spanish goalkeeper

David De Gea was born in Madrid, in 1990 (November, 7). He is a famous goalkeeper, playing for the Spanish national team and Manchester United.

Youth of De Gea

David De Gea is the Atlético Madrid trainee. The young 18-year-old goalkeeper first appeared on the field as a player of the first team in 2009. And that was the match of the Champions’ League group stage. Spanish club played against Porto. The young De Gea’s style of playing impressed fans, and many of them announced immediately  about his talent. Moreover, even the team’s head coach noted his great performance.

His debut was so confident that De Gea consolidated his position as Atlético main goalkeeper, despite of starting as the third one.

Moving to England

Atlético Madrid wanted so much to keep the goalkeeper in the team. The reason was obvious: the club reached the Royal Cup final  and won the Europa League with De Gea. It was the first trophy after a long break in 48 years! So David De Gea was very valuable for the Spaniards.

Anyhow, he did not stay in the club, most regrettably for its management and the squad. The great Edwin van der Sar, Manchester United goalkeeper, finished his career in 2011. red Devils searched for a new goalkeeper, and David De Gea was the main transfer target. Sir Alex Ferguson, the head coach  of that period, notedd that the club had concluded an agreement with the Spaniard after the match against Juventus. But then the information was denied by both the Atlético representatives and goalkeeper’s agents.

In general, initially it was not planned for David to transfer anywhere. However, the goalkeeper himself changed his mind and signed a 5-year contract with Manchester United right after a medical check-up.

Career in Great Britain

David De Gea, whose biography is quite interesting, successfully settled down in the new team. Even despite the fact that his debut season was not that good with a numerous missed goals . However, there were also plenty of dry matches, for example, against Tottenham. And De Gea even managed to block the penalty by Robin van Persie in the game against Arsenal, London. Manchester United defeated their opponents with a crushing score of 8:2 then.

David managed to demonstrate an amazing dexterity and technique with his actions in defense (including saves) when the club played against Chelsea. The Spaniard pleased the fans with first-class saves again againts Stoke City, so the match finished with a draw.

By the way, one serious fact was discovered in 2012. It turned out that the goalkeeper was short-sighted. But he himself assured everybody it didn’t bother him at all. The club decided to make a vision correction for him. There were doubts about this, but the operation was successful as the goalkeeper returned to the games almost immediately.

Achievements and personal life

David De Gea has many awards and achievements already, despite his 27-year-old age. So, he became the Europa League  winner and the UEFA Super Cup owner with Atlético Madrid. The Premier League champion with Manchester United. He also won the Super Cup of the country twice in the English club. He won the European championship and became the World Cup 2007 silver medalist with the junior Spanish national team. Then he moved to the youth team and became the Europe champion twice. From his personal achievements, David has the prize of Sir Matt Busby, the best player of the year award (he won it twice).

And, finally, a few words about his personal life. David De Gea dates a girl named Edurne Almagro. She is a singer who represented Spain in 2015 at Eurovision. The girl is older than her boyfriend for five years, however, that difference does not interefere with at all.