Daniel Sturridge: I’m happy with everything in Liverpool

The forward of the Reds Daniel Sturridge has denied the rumors about his possible leaving the club, in particular, moving to Arsenal.

” I’m happy with everything in Liverpool, and I have never told something different. I think, these are intrigues of haters. Someone  who notices that sometimes I appear on a bench, figure the wrong image of me: “Probably, he is not happy”.
Anyway the coach is to take decision who is going to play. He is perfectly aware who is better prepared. My business – to play when such chance is provided.

I  have  recently witnessed a lot of injuries, so I don’t have constant place in the main squad, but it doesn’t mean that I am dissatisfied with the situation in the club. On the contrary, I am grateful to him for an opportunity to play here after the transfer from Chelsea. I’m thankful to Rogers that signed contact with me.
Now Klopp  is the head of team, and he gives me playing time though could not give. But, certainly, I want to play each match. It is necessary to show patience in such cases ” — Sturridge noted.

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