Cristiano Ronaldo: “The victory in the Champions League is much more important than a second champions title with Barcelona”

Cristiano Ronaldo trolled Gerard Pique and talked about Jose Mourinho’s son.

“Pique’s parody? Even when the Catalans win titles, they remember Cristiano. It is great when they speak about me. No matter, in bad or in good light. I have no problems with Pique.
The victory in the Champions League is something much greater, than a double of Barca. The victory in this tournament is the execution of my dream. I am absolutely sincere with you.
What would I make if Cristiano Jr. became the fan of Barcelona? It will never happen – he has the father’s genes. But if it occurs after all, I will accept it. I won’t take him on “Camp Nou”, but won’t punish as well – he is my son.

Relations with Mourinho? It is necessary to be able to forgive. We had some disagreements that might happen even to the wife and children. At the same time, if we get the chance to work together again, it will not be a problem to me.
I wish him good luck in Manchester. It was really hard for me to watch recent games of “Red Devils”, and I hope that Mourinho will return them on the way of success”, – Ronaldo said.

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