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You cannot hate Ronaldo anymore

Why Cristiano Ronaldo perfect in everything?

If you even support Barcelona and sure that Messi a hundred times more cool, it is impossible to despise Ronaldo now. Gel on the hair? Hundred goals scored by penalty kicks? Pokers with Granada? Ridiculous cheating for the increase of height on the team’s pictures? Smile after misses?

My God, what all this nonsense.

Cristiano has saved EURO 2016 which had actually no favourite – Griezmann, Bale and Müller have not coped.

Everything done by Ronaldo in France was aimed only at victory : he has not got used in a different way.

Even the humiliation of Icelanders has ended with a triumph: one progressed to the quarterfinal, and  the others realized it is impossible to take off before proud bearded men at all.

Throwing microphone to the lake has turned into a myth: sending the device to a bottom, Ronaldo increased its cost in tens of times.

But there went more cool things – no more cheap tricks. Cristiano, who played for Real 49 matches that season (39% more than Bale), has joined also EURO 2016 as well.

Match with Hungary – saving double and the second by the beauty tournament ball (after Shaqiri). Game with Croats – genious opening and Quaresma’s kick that advanced Portugal to the quarterfinal. Cristiano has carried out two key missions at once there: he has psychologically released a little João Moutinho and made the penalty kick first.

Ronaldo has many superstar colleagues in Real therefore you can kick the last.

It has not worked once in the national team (Euro-2012), and now he has showed how to change the way it goes. If you think that it is easy, study up the statistics or watch once again the Messi’s attempt in Copa América.

Semi-final with Wales – a space jump and an involuntary assist. And embraces with Bale, as before – with Modric instead of after match celebrations. Cristiano has not forgotten about Messi too, he did not gloat over Leo’s crash, but supported and admitted it was painful to him to see the Argentina tears. Ronaldo easily could keep silent, but  he has proved once again: there are things slightly more important than the battle for Ballon d’Or.

The third part of fighting “Never give up” in June – it was clear enough that the imagination of creators has run out.

The fourth movie needs to be shot not about fights, but football. The story is the same: the main character gets injury, comes out for a decisive fight, but realises he cannot go on, and then his friend fights for him. Everything was clear with the main character (the sobbing Cristiano cpippled in bandage), with the friend – too: Before the replacement, Ronaldo has inspired Eder that he must score a winning goal. Three reasons, why goal of Portugal – a miracle:

– the 188-centimeter Guinean Eder has spent one top season in his career – 15 goals for Braga three years ago. Eder was scoreless in Euro cups at 28 years old.

–Eder explained that he moved to EPL in fall of 2015 because Cristiano played there. As a result the huge forward didn’t manage to consolidate himself even in Swansea City – 0 goals for 15 games.

– Eder – “an outstanding record”: it has the worst accuracy of passes (47,1%) among all who were in the field at Saint-Denis.

Why the forward who all life added his head under canopies has suddenly turned into the center forward who has got a firm low shot into the near corner?

Because Cristiano would make so…

After the final whistle the captain of champions was glad with Pepe, thanked to Eder and went to stands –  there was sir Alex Ferguson waiting for him. Cristiano has embraced his mentor, as he has taught him one simple thing for six years: cry as much as you want, but always fight up to the end. The Portuguese has learned the lesson: there were no milksops and simulators in that average national team, all were in the track of  the steadfast Cristiano. And therefore they have won.
We always knew that Ronaldo – a grand striker, but always looked for a glamour and falseness in all his actions.

Now it is clear – everything was in vain: Cristiano is great as a leader, man and personality as well.

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