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Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of tax evasion

Cristiano Ronaldo can be imprisoned for 6 years for tax evasion

The Portuguese superstar Cristiano can get into prison for tax fraud. According to the notification of the Union financial specialists he is likely to get 6 year of imprisonment.

«We have some evidence the player has committed financial fraud for more than 160 million euro».

«The violations have been done for 3 years. According to the current legislation, each year of violations stipulates the imprisonment for 2 years. So, we have six years in total “, – said Mollinedo.

The investigation about this case is not initiated at the moment, but the Spanish Ministry of Finance is considering its viability.

Besides, Ronaldo is associated with another manipulations. He managed to escape from 31 million euro of taxes on the marketing rights sale for 74.7 million.

Cristiano is not the only one player having problems with taxes. Earlier, Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and Neymar have also been accused in the same way.

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