Cristiano Ronaldo: “I will go down in football history…”

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I will go down in football history– people like it or not, results speak louder than words”

The forward of Real Cristiano Ronaldo has declared that he considers himself as one of the greatest football players in the history.
– What brings you the greatest joy in the field?
– The fact that I am doing what I love to do, can do it well and allow fans to get real pleasure out of it. I try to score. Fans like bright matches with a great number of the goals. It is my work as well. I have to win, play well, score as much as possible, help  the team and enjoy it. Enjoyment is a word that has to  be emphasized here as it is the essence of football. It is  a happiness,  passion, however,  some complexity as well.
– Did you have any idol when you studied in junior academy of Sporting?
– Frankly speaking, I have never had any idols and I didn’t try to resemble someone. There were many great football players  who played for Sporting, but I was always focused on my future. I thought how to break through to the national team. I felt that it would be difficult to get to the top club, but I will cope with  it whereas the place in the national team is really complicated to get.

Everything went very quickly after that.

I have signed the contract with  MU and has been invited to the national team. I can call several playmakers that worth to resemble to: Fernanda Couto, Rui Costa and Luis Figo as they are the greatest names in the Portuguese football.
– What titles did you dream of in your childhood?
– I always felt special, even when I had only began a career in Sportinge. I felt that I would become the professional of the highest class sooner or later. I didn’t think that everything will happen so quickly, but I trained myself for it as I was aware of my talent. I always worked hard and  trusted in my potential — as in Sporting academy, so in MU and  Real. I developed as the player, as a person, as the personality more and more and enjoyed the work.
– How will the football world remember Ronaldo in 20 or 30 years?
– I have no doubts that I go down in football history. People like it or not, results speak for itself. I will stand in the same row with legends. It is pleasant to someone, someone dislikes that, but mo matter what is said there, I am sure, I have already ensured a prominent spot in the history of football, – Ronaldo declared.

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