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Claudio Ranieri: “Big money usually wins. Nothing will be changed in the next 10-20 years”

The head coach of Leicester Claudio Ranieri declared that it will be very difficult for small clubs to repeat the success of his team.

“Big money create great clubs, and they are more likely to win. Now we can say it occurs like that only in 99 percent of cases.
Nothing will be changed in this sense next season, as well as in the next 10–20 years. How many years have passed since the time of  Nottingham Forest  (1978) and Blackburn (1995), until the other such team has won?
The richest club will win or the one who can collect the best players in a great club.
Perhaps, it is too early to think now of what we have achieved. Evidently,  it will be easier to understand it in one or two years. Now it is important to preserve the top level of the game.
My cellphone will ring in summer, and I will pick up and say: “Do you have enough money to buy my players?” I want to keep all of them”, – Ranieri said.

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