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Guardiola developed perfect plan, but…

The Citizens perfect plan finally failed

The final whistle blows up the red and white half of Wembley, the sky-blue one wipes tears with scarves. The match against Arsenal is a hard spoiler for those who woke up after a coma and decided to review all the Citizens matches for the season. ManCity absorbed at Wembley all the rubbish that had happened to them during the year. They showed the Etihad team’s ideal performance.

The First Half  Manchester City – Arsenal

The City were perfect in the first half: the ball stuck tightly to the blue gaiters. On the other hand, The Gunners were running like dogs, there were moments. The mancunians’ advantage was so convincing the referees could leave the field and have some rest. The referee did not give a penalty for the Kun’s sliding tackle and canceled the net goal. Actually, it didn’t matter, because the Citizens’ high pressure had to be transformed into blood from the Wenger’s nose.

The Citizens after the break

But the City turned into absolutely opposite after the break. It happened so often in the season 2016/17: the mancunians didn’t take the advantage and got lost. It turned out that way again, but with the only difference: the Citizens lost the advantage, but they scored. Aguero dragged the ball from his half and scored as it is usually done to Bravo or Caballero.

Anyway, it would not be the City, if they did not miss. Arsenal had a flank attack and used such an excellent scheme that even furious hater Bravo couldn’t reproach the Chilean.
Manchester got back the ball, advantage, pressure after a missed goal, but broke their forehead against a failure. Guardiola was often up a gum tree during the season: “We had a lot of chances, but we did not realize them, and the opponent scored a few strokes on target.” The Citizens did not want a 30-minute drag and squeezed Arsenal into the corner as a fresh woman. The fantastic Čech, the bar, the crossbar – everything was against ManCity.
The mancunians had to miss in the last seconds according to the favorite scenario, but endured until an extra-time for the sake of the intrigue. Sánchеz, hidden in the Wembley’s shadow, suddenly collected the Welbeck’s clumsy pass. And he celebrated like mad then and absolutely forgot for a minute he had scored his future team.

Various schemes of Pep Guardiola

The City shifted, changed tactics, construction, mentality in the match course, but everything was not the same again. Guardiola reminds the boy, putting his hand in a gift bag with sweets, but pulling out some cheap caramel instead of Snickers. Pep tried out more schemes over the season than the girls at the institute, but none of the 11 ones was successful. The Spaniard seeks, tries, but does not find the very one that will conquer England.

Substitutes scenario

Manchester City could have been more successful if Kompany but not Stones had played from the start of the season. If Gundoğan, the Pep’s key figure, was healthy. If crazy Jesus but not fragile Iheanacho substituted Kun. Decent substitutes is an optical illusion. The number does not always outgrow the quality, and not all football players understand the Guardiola’s ideas. For example, Zabaleta. No one doubts in his coolness, but the recent City captain stays regularly on the bench. And either holding the midfielder Fernandinho or winger Navas takes his position on the right defense edge.

Pep’s perfect plan

The Pep’s ideas are so subtle and transcendental it is so hard to understand them. We are still not talking about their realization. Every detail is sufficient for Guardiola: if someone makes a mistake, then everything will fail. Pep is a megalomaniac who has developed an unthinkable plan to rob an impregnable bank. Even the cockroach will not slip to the vault, but the Spaniard figured out how to take the loot. He gathered a gang, told everyone everything, so they nodded and tore into the battle. The ingenious idea worked, but the driver let down the wheel. Every single part is important in an ideal plan. But Pep still has not changed the right one yet.


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