Cesc Fabregas



Cesk Fabregas Soler was born in the Spanish city of Arenys de Mar, located on the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia. His father was not only fond of football, but also played it on a professional level. He trained in Barcelona in his youth, but did not stay long in the team. He joined the third division local club later, where he spent his entire career. The father supported Cesc in his longing to become a professional football player. His mother was also proud of her son’s football talent. The parents attended all the school matches with the son and encouraged him. They even asked to leave work on Saturdays to take their son to trainings. The Cesc’s father was the first to see football talents of his son. So he pushed him to trainings in the local football youth team playing at the amateur level.


The Fabregas first professional club was the team Mataro from the city of the same name. Cesc played to ten years in the Mataro youth first team. Barcelona manager Rodolfo Borrel noticed and appreciated the future football genius of Cesc. It happened during one game in Mataro when the player was only ten. Borrel was looking for a football talent among the children of Barcelona and its suburbs. So he came to Mataro, a town ten kilometers from the Catalan capital. Cesk Fabregas was not just a regular midfielder, he became a team captain at 11. Borrel was very surprised as he had already visited Mataro games three times before, but did not see Fabregas on the field. When Rodolfo told Mataro coach about this, he replied: “I knew that you would immediately take him away, so I left the boy on the bench intentionally.” Borrel initiated immediate negotiations of Barcelona with the little midfielder’s family. They ended with the parents’ consent for their son’s entry into La Masia football academy. Soon Fabregas moved to Barcelona.


The future football stars Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi trained together with Cesc in the youth team. They lived in the Barcelona training camp. Unlike them, Cesk Fabregas continued to live at home and spend daily more than three hours to get to the academy.

Cesc parents divorced when he was 14. The guy worried a lot about the divorce, and it began affecting not only his school classes, but also his trainings. His depression was getting more and more serious. Rodolfo Borrel wanted to cheer up Fabregas slightly and decided to give him a present from Josep Guardiola.


Cesc always considered Guardiola his idol. Guardiola did not limit himself to the banal “with love”, signing jersey to Fabregas. The soulful, kind football player wrote to Cesc a wish that became prophetic for the young midfielder later: “One day you will become Barcelona fourth number”. Cesk Fabregas was on the holding midfielder position in Barca youth team. It was Guardiola’s position when he was a player.The success in the youth team was intoxicating. He scored more than thirty goals per season sometimes, despite the fact he was a midfielder. However, there was practically no chance for a young football player of getting into the first team. A “star” team played then at the Barca Academy, so there was practically no hope for Fabregas to get into the first team. The famous Arsene Wenger took advantage of it as he invited him to London Arsenal.


Cesk Fabregas became the object of the Arsene Wenger’s attention after a brilliant game for Barcelona youth team and the Spanish national youth team.
Cesc received a place among the Arsenal substitutes from the first day of the contract with the Gunners. It happened in 2003. This fact played an important role in Fabregas’ start-up. The first matches, where Cesc took part, were English League Cup meetings. The youngest Arsenal debutant scored his first goal during the match with Wolverhampton. The duel ended with a devastating, but quite normal for the English Premier League 5:1 score in the Londoners’ favor.


Fabregas lived in the Barnet area first. He was residing with an old Irish Landlady. She provided rooms to all team debutants, fed the guys and watched their pastime, according to the contract with Arsenal. The Fabregas  girl remained in Catalonia and was able to move to London only two years later. Our football player didn’t have friends in Arsenal at the very beginning. He entertained himself by playing in PlayStation, and this didn’t happen often. The TV he used for video games was so tiny the player was afraid to lose his sight. Sometimes on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, the midfielder did not even leave his room.


After a while Cesc started to make friends with Philippe Senderos, who lived in the next room. This saved him from total depression. The situation became more positive in the next 2004/05 season. Cesk Fabregas started to appear on the field regularly for the Arsenal first team, not only in the League Cup matches, but also in the other tournaments.


The player signed his first professional contract in September, 2004. Fabregas scored his first goal in the Champions League match in December of the same year. Cesc finished the season in the best possible way, as he was in the Gunners first team for the FA Cup final match and won his first trophy. Cesc became the Gunners main central midfielder after their captain, Patrick Vieira, had transferred to Juventus. Nevertheless, the Arsenal era began to end gradually, as star players started moving to other clubs. However, Cesc was not going to leave the sinking ship.


On the contrary, he considered the situation as a great chance to make himself known. When Fabregas played in pair with Henry, he always tried to pass the ball to him immediately after receiving. Cesc believed there was no other choice. The footballer seemed to take a breath of fresh air when Henry left the team. He started to make more assists and began to scoring more and more. Fabregas was the Arsenal fans’ only hope at that time as the club was in a deep crisis.


Soon devotion to Arsenal and the game quality brought the 21-year-old Spaniard a captain’s armband. Fabregas became one of the London club youngest captains in its entire history, but moved to the treatment room for four months later. His professional growth has become more and more accompanied by injuries since that time. The footballer spent a long time in the treatment room at the end of the season. He failed the key Arsenal match against Barcelona in the Champions League, ​​but helped Londoners a lot in the championship. A serious problem in Arsenal was the professional level mismatch between the partners to Fabregas. All it made the Catalan leave the London club.


The Spanish media immediately began talking about his possible transfer to the Catalan club as soon as Cesc started showing his great performance in Arsenal. Each transfer window opening was accompanied by a splash of rumors that the Catalan had finally decided to leave Arsenal. He would soon announce it officially. The player himself denied those rumors. A special resonance in the press was sparked by the Cesc’s statement in May, 2010.


The footballer said then he was not going to leave Arsenal, but he always wished to play for his native Barcelona. So if he ever leaves the London club, it will only happen for Barca. Wenger made repeated statements he did not plan to sell the team’s key player.


The situation reached its boiling point in a year, in the summer of 2011. Cesc already stated openly he wanted to move to Barcelona. The negotiations were long and difficult, but on August, 14 the agreement was signed. In such a way Fabregas transferred to Barcelona officially. Cesc played in 28 matches in total for the season 2011/12, scored nine goals and made 8 assists. The footballer played nine matches in the European Cup in the season. As a result, the midfielder won four trophies for the season with Barca.


Fabregas has played for Spanish national team since 2006. He participated in the World Championship in 2006 and became the national team youngest football player. He won the European Championship for the Spanish national tean in 2008, and the World Cup in 2010 . The player won the EURO 2012 with the Spanish national team again. Cesc scored two goals then and entered the championship symbolic national team. The Catalan dedicated his victory at the World Cup-2010 to Arsenal players. The midfielder declared repeatedly one thing. If he had to leave his native club once, then he would come back only to Arsenal. Fabregas did not want to play in any other clubs.


Cesc Fabregas has already been dating with Daniella Semaan for quite long time. Daniella gave birth to Fabregas daughter Lia on April 10, 2013. In addition, Daniella has two children from her previous marriage.
Cesc comes to the family at any opportunity. However, Daniella is not so fond of football and it causes some problems. It even comes to scandals sometimes, when Fabregas ignores his family completely on a day off. He prefers watching the Dutch second league match instead, or revising Barcelona old games for the tenth time. Anyway, despite these disagreements, Cesc and Daniella love each other and are going to formalize their relations in the near future.