Carlos Mourinho wants new stadium for Celta. More on 4Gamblers

Carlos Mourinho wants to allocate a place for a new stadium

Carlos Mourinho wants new stadium

Carlos Mourinho, in particular, has repeatedly talked about building a convenient parking on the new stadium territory. The thing is the current stadium of Celta Vigo does not belong to the club. All Celta offers about its improvements were declined by the municipal authorities, as it belongs to the state property fund.

However, all his pleas were left unnoticed. Carlos Mourinho claimed during the meeting the club was ready to build a new Balaidos for €50 million. Thus, he requested the municipal authorities only about the land plot for the construction of new a stadium.

“If we do not get a permission for a new stadium in Vigo, we will have to consider the other solutions,” – Carlos Mourinho remarked.

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