8 surgeries and contaminated Cazorla. Back from Hell

Santi Cazorla  – tragedy of life, incredible will and power of life

Today’s Marca issue presented us a great interview with Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla. He is trying to recover after an Achilles tendon injury. We have chosen the most important facts to know about it.

Bad injury of Cazorla

Cazorla has not been on the field for more than a year. It all started on October 19, 2016. He did not finish the Champions League match with Ludogoretz cause of the severe pain in the heel area.Those sensations did not seem strange to Santi at first. As he had already been playing for three years through the pain in his right leg and had got used to endure.
But there was clearly something too serious that time.

Terrible infection of  Achilles tendon

One of the English doctors told the Spaniard at the first treatment’s stage: “Be happy if you can just walk with your son in the garden again.” Santi suffered eight surgeries during the year, but the treatment was not progressing. Each time the wound did not heal.
Tired of endless clinics, Cazorla went to the Spanish Salamanca. Dr. Mikel Sanchez discovered a terrible infection there. It “ate” 8 centimeters of Santi’s Achilles tendon. It was impossible even to walk normally with such a thing, playing football couldn’t be considered at all.

Midfielder’s treatment

Santi drank antibiotics course to destroy three aggressive bacteria, but this was not enough. Dr. Sanchez made the last surgery to restore the Achilles tendon on May, 29.
The doctor took skin piece from Santi’s hand to close the wound this time. And he took it just from the place where Cazorla has a tattoo with the daughter’s name – India. The tattoo is divided into two parts now: one is on the leg, the second one is on the arm.

Cazorla is getting better

Cazorla has lived in a hotel in Salamanca since July. Every day he has swimming in the pool, training on a bicycle, massage and preventive examinations in the clinic.
The footballer practically does not see a family. His wife and children stayed in London because of school . “Life alone, without loved ones, is the most difficult part of this story,” Cazorla said.
Anyway, things are gradually improving now. Santi made the first run a month ago. His brother specially came to the stadium and even cried at that moment.
Cazorla wants to return to the field in January, but doctors still give accurate predictions from caution.
“But I certainly will not give pleasure to those who do not want my return,” Cazorla wrote to Marca journalist in Whatsapp. – I’LL BE BACK”.

We are waiting!

Santi Cazorla brief biography

Santiago (Santi) Cazorla González is Arsenal and Spanish national team midfielder.
His career began in Austrian football club Oviedo academy. He already played in Villarreal as a substitute at the age of 17. Santi played in the first team for the first time against Deportivo in November 2003. He stayed on the field just one minute that time.
Cazorla was already the first team player from 2004 to 2005. And he played in the Champions League match for the first team in the 2004/05 season. The football player transferred to Recreativo de Huelva in the summer of 2006 and signed a contract with it for four years. The debut in the new club took place in a match against Mallorca. Santiago was awarded the Footballer of the Year title in Spain at the end of this season (according to Don Balon version). The team managed to take the eighth place in Primera thanks to this player.

Villarreal wanted to sign the midfielder again. So Santi could be in his native team due to the relevant clause in the contract. He played very well in the first season, and helped his team to take the second place in Liga BBVA. Cazorla scored five goals, and made many assists to the forwards.
Arsenal announced about Cazorla’s transfer on August 7, 2012.

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