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Wild Turkey

At this time the company NetEnt invites you to go to the heart of the North American women of the jungle. Here, where through the huge trees, overgrown linked crowns, almost do not penetrate the sun’s rays, where every meter in danger, not only full of wild beasts, and poisonous insects, where even the beautiful flowers of plants are not safe, and begin your adventure. On this page you can find detailed description and be able to play free slot machine Wild Turkey. Video slot “Wild Turkey” is set to return 96.6% of bets, and the maximum gain is 800,000 coins.

Description of the Wild Turkey video slot

Video slot Wild Turkey meet you enchanting scenery, a small village with cosy houses located on the edge among the thickets. The whole picture and breathes appeasement: from the branches of trees can hear birds singing, warm sun, and it seems that is about to appear houses of friendly faces local Aboriginal people. But do not relax! It is home to a rather unusual inhabitants of the stall and important wild turkeys, which are unlikely to enjoy the presence of strangers.

Amidst all this you will not only survive, but also to go hunting, the purpose of which will be well-fed wild turkeys. It’s a pity the birds? Calm down, you do not necessarily stick to skewer characters emulator Wild Turkey. But catch them still need, and the more the better, because it is the number of captured and bound for turkey legs will depend on winning at the casino.

Ready for danger? Then go hunting … When the leader, flapping ominously, you will go to rest amid the hooting bird tribal representatives, we can only be glad that you are in a casino, and do not participate in the actual game-play. Yellow background playing field greens Control Panel, brown-gray stems vines, brightly painted characters – the developers clearly did not spare colors, making emulator wild turkey is not only colorful, but also fun.