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Voodoo Vibes

Men of ancient civilizations were pagans and the rites, the echoes of which have come down to us from time immemorial, still dazzling. Magic rituals of the time, however, as now, divided into black and white magic, each of which had its own special, purpose. White magicians healed disease and gave happiness and luck, but the black magicians bedevil consuming health and could even deprive a person of life. Black magicians, cherishing evil intent, master doll, identifying it with a certain person, and then to manage it on their own. Video slot Voodoo Vibes returns 94% of the bets in the form of winnings. On this page you can play video slot Voodoo Vibes for free without registration. The machine Voodoo Vibes, created by Net Entertainment, will give you a thrill, from which freezes everything inside, and the skin covered with goose bumps. But do not worry, because these feelings will win, and not dancing with tambourines long forgotten all the sorcerer.

Description of Voodoo Vibes video slot

All dark deeds occurring at an arcade emulator Voodoo Vibes, will be accomplished in the evening, and even in the most remote part of the dense forest. Violet-green design is perfect for this, rather unusual subjects, drawing the player into the abyss of the unknown danger. A small hut with a thatched roof, the path leading to a wooden door … Log in online casino, he opened the door, and the creaking old magic ritual begins. The crackling of burning candles, bubbling boiling elixirs, sinister laugh – this is only a small part of the sound effects. Who will be accompanied by a mystical game-play.