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With the high technology and an abundance of modern gadgets that surround us everywhere, even today it is difficult to imagine that once the color television was a luxury, and the emergence of a neighbour’s cell phone, which resembles a thick tube with an antenna sticking out of it, arouse envy . Notebooks, high-speed Internet, wireless, does not require kilometres of wires, all kinds of devices, filled with almost human intelligence – all this today makes life a lot more comfortable. You no longer have to keep the pigeons, well, except for personal enjoyment, or tread down shoes (to spend money on a ticket) to see his distant relative, because all you need – it’s just a click on the computer icon of a program for video.

But it is not only ordinary people use modern technology. Criminal identity master this science with the greatest fervor, responding to another burglary billionaires all attempts to hide their treasures behind seven locks. This is the story and became the basis for the creation of one more Net Entertainment. On this page you can play for free in Thief slot machine without registration. Your task is reincarnated into the image of the cunning thief, well, or can be clever thief, steal from the safe of one of the moneybags a huge diamond. Video slot “Thief” is set to return bets amounting to 96.7%, and the maximum payout per spin can be up to 68550 coins.

Description of the Thief video slot

Late night. On steel box leaving up skyscrapers pouring rain. And thanks to the imagination and skill development Net Entertainment it really pours, and does not look painted on the screen drops. Caught in a flash on a dark street and even in the rain it’s hard not to agree that the video slots of the manufacturer each time becoming more and more realistic. Dark blue design with steel inserts colors more set off by what is happening, is the best suited for the upcoming night operation, which will be the protagonist of you. In addition to the incessant rain throughout the game-play, in the gaming machine Thief, you will be accompanied by animated lightning and no less spectacular sound.