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Pandoras Box

The mythical Pandora – a beautiful woman, created by Zeus the Thunderer, and received a soul from his militant daughter of Pallas Athena. It is not known why, but, according to legend, Zeus, releasing Pandora on Earth, has given her such vices as excessive curiosity and giving a gift in a small casket, strictly forbidden to open it. You can look at the relationship of the gods in the gaming machine Pandoras Box.

And very soon Pandora, unable to cope with her emotions overwhelm, yet opened the coveted box, and in a moment of it flew all the ills and misfortunes that only man can experience. Frightened by the offense, the woman slammed the lid, but it was too late, but in the bottom of the casket remained locked only hope … That’s an interesting story that came to us from the pages of Greek mythology. However, developing a gaming machine Pandoras Box, a team Net Entertainment is predicting disaster, but only gives players hope. I hope to win …